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The Lorah Family has been farming for over 100 years and we are proud to still be an operating family farm today. A tradition growing up in the Lorah Family has always been attending Tractor Pulls at local fairs. Soon enough we realized that Truck and Tractor Pulls were becoming harder and harder to find in our area. We decided to change that.

 Lorah’s Truck and Tractor Pulls has been in operation since 2006 when we hosted our first Tractor Pull event. Our first event consisted of others who shared the same interests as us. They were more than happy to support their local family farms. We started pulling with a single track and one day events a few Saturdays during the summer, in between the busy planting and harvesting schedules. 

Our Truck and Tractor Pulls quickly became a staple in the area for old fashioned family fun. As our events became more popular we expanded our track to accommodate two sleds so that we could provide a double feature show. We also grew our spectating areas by eliminating the covered wagons that only allowed for standing rows and replaced them with a raised viewing area and bleachers along with a picnic table area near the food stand.

The Lorah Family always gathered for Sunday dinner each week at the home farm in Lehigh Township, where our pulling events are hosted. Edgar F. Lorah, Sr. and his wife Ruth loved having all eight of their children and respective spouses together in the house to enjoy these meals. The Pennsylvania Dutch cooking style that Ruth practiced carries through in many of the menu items at our event. Her children developed the menu based upon what they enjoyed growing up. All of our menu items are farm fresh and home cooked so everyone can enjoy some of the family’s personal favorites along with fan favorites like hot dogs and chicken fingers. 

Lorah’s Truck and Tractor Pulls has become a common name when in search of an east coast pulling event. Through the support of our fans, we have brought together more than just our neighboring communities but the surrounding states! As a result, we have expanded from hosting a few Truck and Tractor Pulls each year to scheduling 17 events for the 2024 season including Truck Pulls, Tractor Pulls, Truck Drag Races, Junk Car Races, a Demolition Derby, and Rodeos! We thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our family tradition at our home. 
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